What is the purpose of Is It Observable ?

Is It Observable educates and supports the dev community on getting started with observability tools and concepts.

About "Is It Observable?"

Is it Observable is a YouTube Channel providing tutorials on Observability.

Each episode covers a specific technology, framework, or platform and has the following structure:
- A short explanation of the technology
- A tutorial on how to collect metric, traces, logs

We also invite guests from the biggest companies active in the observability space to share their experience and best practices.

Meet the team

Henrik Rexed

My name is Henrik Rexed, I'm a Cloud-Native Advocate at Dynatrace, the leading Observability platform.

Prior to Dynatrace, I worked as a Partner Solution Evangelist at Neotys, delivering webinars, building prototypes to enhance the capability of the load testing solution named NeoLoad. I have been working in the performance world for more than 15 years, delivering projects in all contexts including extremely large Cloud testing on the most demanding business areas such as trading applications, Video on Demand, sports websites, etc.

I'm also one of the organizers of the Conference named Performance Advisory Council and one of the producers of the Podcast Perfbytes.

Giulia Di Pietro

Giulia Di Pietro

Hi, I'm Giulia and I'm a Content & Community Manager working in the Open Source Program Office at Dynatrace.

I am a passionate writer and learner, who likes to share knowledge and create content about tech and business. My main role on "Is It Observable?" is to transform Henrik's video content into blog format.