Observable Lightning Talks April 2024

Observable Lightning Talks is back with new speakers for the edition of April 2024. Come and join us to hear tips and tricks from Industry Experts.

Observable lighting talks open the stage to three speakers sharing their experiences, recommendations, best practices, and more.

And if you have any questions for our speakers, you can ask them during the live panel discussion.

Come and join us on the 24th of April for the new edition of Observable Lighting Talks.


The event will be broadcast live on Linkedin, Twitch, Facebook, and of course Youtube.

Observability and SRE practices rely on many frameworks available on the market. However, since technology evolves at a very fast pace, it can be difficult to keep track of the latest solutions and technologies and implement all the best practices.

To help you improve your practices and understand the best of breed of the latest technology, IsitObservable is launching a new Show: Observable Lightning Talks.

The concept is simple: Thought leaders from the observability industry will help us along in our technology journey.

Each Observable Lighting Talk will host three speakers covering three different topics that we all love:

  • SRE methodologies

  • OpenObservability

  • OpenTelemetry

The Observable lightning talk is planned on the 24th of April between 12PM - 1:30PM EST ( 6PM-7:30PM CEST)

Here is the Agenda for the first edition :


The 3 presentations of this edition are :

Tips to Drive Developers to Adopt Observability

Yarden Laifenfeld

Yarden Laifenfeld, Developer Advocate at Dynatrace

With the adoption of cloud native environments and the shift-left movement, developers have more responsibilities than ever before. A developer is no longer just a programmer, but also a security expert, a kubernetes master, a testing connoisseur and more. With this overload of new knowledge and responsibilities, it is important that developers know exactly what is happening in each of these areas. This is where Developer Observability Tools can help reduce time and effort and increase productivity. The only issue is that getting developers to use these tools is not always as straightforward as it may seem, which is why practical tips to drive developers to adopt observability are so valuable. So whether you already have tools that are waiting to be used, you're interested in hearing more about Developer Observability or you just want to increase productivity around tools you already use - this talk is for you!

How To Take Prometheus Planet Scale

Vijay Samuel

Vijay Samuel, Observability Architect at Ebay

We are all too familiar with the words "open source can't scale". This is a modern day fallacy. Several organizations take Open Source projects like Prometheus and Open Telemetry and run it at massive scales. A subset of those organizations additionally run them without resorting to modifying the source or forking - eBay being one of them. Building on top of and around Open Source without resorting to forking is an art. So how does one scale open source projects without customizing?

There are a number of principles that come to the rescue:

  • Sharding

  • Replication

  • Field hint Indices

  • Query Pushdown

to name a few.
In this talk we discuss about how we took Prometheus planet scale by building on top of open source Prometheus

Introducing OpenTelemetry to Your Organization: 3 Steps

Adriana Villela

Adriana Villela, Sr. Staff Developer Advocate at ServiceNow

Are you sold on OpenTelemetry (OTel) for Observability? Are you an executive or manager, eager to implement OTel in your organization? You need an overall strategy for rolling out OTel, maximize success and to avoid fragmented efforts. But how do you get started?

In this talk, Adriana shares 3 steps and accompanying practices for a successful Observability with OTel rollout in your organization.